Vendor Information                                  

1.    Spaces are rented for flea market dates only.                   

2.    All spaces rented on first come, first serve basis.

3.    Management reserves the right to refuse to rent to anyone.and make them leave the flea market.

4.    Colony #1 Flea Market will NOT be responsible for theft, damage, fire, accident, injury, or violation of any local, state or federal laws.

5.    Spaces are to be used by renter or immediate family members only.

6.   No pets will be allowed to run loose or causing any disturbance.  PETS MUST BE  KEPT ON LEASH.  Pet walk is around pit north of shower house.  Any dog that may appear to bite, must be kept confined or muzzled.

7.    Building of structures must be with approval of  management.

8.  Vendors will keep their spaces and merchandise in an orderly manner.  Remember Rule #3.

9.. Permanent vendors are welcome to gravel their spaces and must use proper weed control.

10.  Vendors are to maintain the weeds and mowing around their buildings or we can do it for a $5.00 a month

11.    No burning with out Management permission . 

12.    The selling of food items by vendors will be by permission of management.

13.  No gambling devices or boisterous conduct will be tolerated.  Quiet must be observed after 10 p.m.

14.  Quiet time must be observed after 10:00 PM on Friday & Saturday . 

15.  $2.00 per week that you are plug in no matter what. it is up to the vendor to unplug your building.

16.   Vendors may leave trash in barrels – we request that cardboard boxes be broken down.

17.  Lot rent will not be refunded if building is sold or you leave the flea market If building is sold to another person

     you will have to get the refund of lot rent from them for the remainder of the season.

18. Management has the right to ask for you to remove any item we feel in appropriate for the flea market.

19.   No HAND GUNS are to be SOLD at all.

20. If a lot that is not sold off of more than 60% of the season , It will be considered to be a storage unit the 

     rent will be changed to $50.00 a month you will get a monthly bill.

21. Management will not take any Vendor or person talking bad about the flea market or any person they will

      be asked to leave the flea market and not ask back. And we have the right to do this by law..

22. (Rent) All rent must be paid by July 2017 or arrangements as been by the Owners .

Permanent vendor wishing to reserve space for next season MUST pay a deposit of $30/minimum PER SPACE by the last day of set up in November. The balance of rent is to be paid in at least equal amounts of $35 in March, April and May.

Payments are to be sent to:
Robert Drummond
47805 State Highway V
Rutledge MO. 63563

217-617-8943 OR 217-617-8947

2O18 Rates

Rate Information:
Reserved Space -  $150 for season     (  On Returned checks  you will be charged $25.00 )
Unreserved Space - $20 for weekend

 Electricity – $15 per plug-in per weekend

 $2 per week to leave refrigerator plugged in – must be paid in advance

Camping Rates -   $5 per day for vendors staying Monday, Tuesday,        
                                    Wednesday before either market weekend

  $15 per day for all others (noon to noon), includes
                                     ONE-110 plug for electricity